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Hydroponics at home

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We build custom hydroponic systems for your home in Lake Nona, Fl

Hydroponics at home: It doesn’t have to be hard, or ugly. Hydroponic systems grow plants not in soil but in water that is enriched with nutrients. Our customized hydroponic systems are perfect for backyards, porch, and lanai. Units can be fixed mounted to exterior walls and fences, freestanding, or mobile.

✅ Grow your own produce!

Even the freshest produce at a grocery store, specialty retail or even farmer’s markets, has been harvested 1-5 days earlier. Some fruits and vegetables can lose up to 80% of their nutrients in that timeframe. Not to mention they don’t taste as good. If you prefer to eat FRESH food, there’s absolutely no comparison.

✅ Fewer TRIPS to market!

With a full array of herbs, lettuces, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, well as many other items YOUR new quality produce outlet is just a few steps out your door!

✅ avoid rising food costs!

This is not rocket science. It will ALWAYS be cheaper to grow your own food instead of paying someone else and all the other “middlemen” to do it. And as an added benefit, you got to know where your food actually came from. Romain lettuce and spinach recalls? Salmonella? Not at your house!

✅ It's easy to get started!

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