No Dirt. no weeds. no bending.

fresh produce without leaving the safety of your home

The three legs to the hydroponic food system:

Thoughtful design integrated into the clients unique environment.
The know-how for producing food with a simple and replicable approach. Participation and a desire to learn by the client.

This is not new science. Hydroponics has been around even before you went to a very “magical place” and saw full-scale hydroponic food production when you were a kid. The “future”. Yep. Welcome to it!

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil.

Plants only really need three things to flourish: Water, Nutrients and Sunlight.

By providing the essentials, plants don’t have to invest their energy into a vigorous root system because all the water and nutrients they could possibly need are easily accessible to them in the hydroponic solution.

This environment promotes maximum growth and production without the challenges of gardening in soil (pathogens, poor quality soil, insects, nematodes, pH, etc.)

If you’ve ever considered hydroponics but didn’t want to “go it alone“ now is your opportunity. We teach.

All growing info is tailored to the crops you prefer to grow.  We can set you up with everything you need from day one. All you have to do is re-order as necessary.  Every supply item is easily and quickly available from on line retailers and your start-up kit will be assembled based on what you are growing. Different crops have different nutritional requirements and we make it easy for you to get it right.


We start with a basic methodology and work it into the best production location available while keeping the design as aesthetically complimentary to your landscape as possible. This is why a site visit is the first step. We must know what the current environment can accommodate. We then adapt the design based on each customer’s preferences and what they want from their unit. Also, many customers find the sound of gentle falling water very relaxing.

Welcome to LMNdeavors

A Few Words About our vision

Simply put, there are better ways to solve some of our challenges.

Knowing first-hand what is (or isn’t) in our food.  Freshness — most produce loses the majority of its nutrients in just a few days after harvest. Eliminating runoff which is significantly harming our local aquatic life. Food Security (most units produce more than a family can consume and sharing is noble). Assisting our customers in the transition from consumer to producer. Maximizing production for the urban environment.

Three things about me:

  1. I have devoted my second career to better align with our collective needs not only today but well into the future.
  2. I have a strong passion for being part of the solution.
  3. I truly enjoy helping others reach their goals.
This Is Why

You Should Choose Us



No other hydroponic system on the market is adaptable to your specific environment. The best systems in the world will perform poorly if not properly located. Careful considerations to your needs will be crafted into each and every unit.



Your garden is always a work in progress. Seasons change and so will your garden. Your transition to “producer” or “Urban Farmer” will be supported until you feel like a pro!
With special customer access to short “how-to” videos, growing tips and a help-desk, you will be well positioned for success before your install is even commenced.


Quality and Affordability

In comparing the retail price of other units (some table top units for herbs are over $400) your return on investment will be exponentially higher.

All units come with a bumper-to-bumper 1 year warranty (Parts + Labor).

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