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James Cargill
James Cargill
23:31 02 Jun 20
I had Joe install a hydroponic unit for me in 2019. This is one of the best investments that I have ever made. ... Affordable, fresh, home grown food that seems to magically grow from only water and a little bit of nutrients. No unnecessary chemicals that we may purchase in grocery stores. No waste. It's pretty amazing to be able to walk out my back door and pick fresh salad, greens, peppers, beans, cucumbers, etc for immediate, healthy consumption. Everyday that I look, my hydro unit brings me happiness from growing my own vegetables. It never gets old. If you have not tried this yet, please, let this guy set up an affordable system for you. You will not be disappointed. Joe is truly an amazing, honest person who will share his knowledge with you. I love tending to my own system but if I'm not able, I know he will work with me to make things grow. On a scale of 1-10, I give Joe a 10. Thanks for helping me with the goodness of healthy food. Again, it never gets old.read more
Becky Leppard
Becky Leppard
08:09 17 May 20
We ordered a hydroponic system from then and received it set up including baby pants very quickly. I love how it was... tailored to our needs and how much input we were able to give to our system. The owner, Joe, is available to answer questions in a timely manner. He also comes back for check-ups to see if my system is running well. One thing I really liked in working with this company is that I did but they said they were too when they said they would do at. And especially when he said he would come he did! This company knows hydroponics and loves to share and help others. I highly recommend this company.read more
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Becky Leppard
Becky Leppard
When the virus pandemic started, I knew I wanted to increase the amount of food that I grow in my backyard. When we... met Joe, the owner, or Orlando Hydroponics, we were impressed by his hydroponics knowledge and how quickly we came up with a plan after his visit to our yard. Joe quickly came up with an estimate and got to work on our new system. He made several trips over to our yard, each time notifying us ahead of his visit. Unlike others we have worked with, Joe was always prompt and communicative regarding his visits and progress. I am now able to grow a huge amount of vegetables at our small suburban home. What is impressing me the most as I learn and am experimenting with the plants in the hydroponics system is how many different things I am able to grow successfully that I could not grow in the ground during these hot months! My family is now enjoying Swiss Chard, many lettuces, and green beans after just one month. Truly an amazing gift!!!One of the other services that Joe of Orlando Hydroponics offers is advice, teaching on hydroponics and guidance to get the client knowledgeable enough to run their own system. He helps with each step of the way and even comes over and checks up on the system and the plants to see if everything is going well. I highly recommend Joe for all your hydroponics needs. I am thankful we were able to find Orlando Hydroponics and already harvesting vegetablesread more
Jarin Trombley
Jarin Trombley
My family and I enjoy our hydroponic system! Awesome service, professionalism, and install! There is nothing like... going to the garden to get fresh food for dinner!read more
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